Ken Gamble

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Ken Gamble

Ken Gamble

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Sports | AFL

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Cyber Crime | Government | Law Enforcement | Military

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After Dinner | Sport | Motivation | Inspirational

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On Application

Ken is the executive director and chairman of international private intelligence and cyber investigations firm, IFW Global (IFW) headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with offshore bases in various countries including the USA and Philippines. IFW investigates complex cybercrimes and large-scale financial fraud across the world.

Licenced by the New South Wales Police Force as a criminal investigator, Ken and his team work closely with law enforcement, regulatory agencies, and anti-corruption bodies to gather intelligence and uncover transnational criminal syndicates engaged in large-scale cross border fraud and

Ken is a front-line investigator with extensive qualifications and experience in investigation, intelligence, surveillance, asset recovery, and security, developed over a 35-year career. Ken has consulted to, and presented on, an array of cybercrime topics to various foreign governments and to state, federal and international law enforcement agencies including INTERPOL’s e-Crimes without Borders in Hong Kong.


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