6-w300h184Reach millions of consumers on the go every day by advertising on billboards across Australia, from Melbourne , Sydney, Brisbane, WA, SA and right to the top to the Northern Territory.

Whether you choose a bulletin or any other option available, Our billboards make it easy to expand your brand by reaching commuters on heavily travelled freeways and roads.

Increase brand awareness by capturing the attention of daily commuters, AMW Media advertising has the power to reach pedestrians, riders and commuters each day with impossible-to-miss eye-level ads.

Let us show you the power of our billboards to add credibility to your brand, make a memorable and impressive visual impact, form a powerful association at a specific location or prompt consumers to act now. You won’t believe the exposure we can achieve for you in cities and out beyond the urban fringes.

  • Launch a brand and build awareness
  • Billboards make a small business feel established
  • Create a BIG impact and reach a mass audience
  • 73% of Travellers find websites on Billboards the most useful information
  • 81% of Drivers notice Billboards on Key arterials and major motorways.

“Over 6 Million people drive to work and spend an average of 9.7 hours in their cars each week. Billboards can deliver very high levels of reach and frequency to a campaign”