am-wicked-bus-advertising-11-w357h238Transit advertising gives you flexibility you can run citywide coverage in every major capital city or pinpoint a campaign to a single retail outlet it’s entirely up to you.

And because it’s the only major outdoor medium that moves your message gets attention.

People like bus advertising, 71% of people prefer buses with advertising than those without which in our ad- avoiding world is quite significant.

With transit media you can choose from a range of formats, portrait, landscape, square and wraps so you can run multi-dimensional campaigns that fit your purchase cycle.


  • Bus advertising provides a high impact visual reminder of your company and what your company can offer customers.
  • Short burst, big campaigns can launch new businesses, while long term campaigns can increase awareness of your company.
  • Buses are the most cost effective way to keep your advertising message in the market place day after day 365 days of the year.
  • Your bus advertisement will be a relentless sales workhorse, constantly taking your message to the streets and to the people.

“Transit media covers 95% of Australia’s bus and tram network, giving your media real momentum”