Here are few of our recent and upcoming events.


Cowards Punch Campaign – Event

Danny Green Stop The Coward's Punch campaignDanny Green, Four Time World Boxing Champion, Olympian, father of 2 and activist of the ‘Stop The Coward’s Punch’ campaign, raised the national issue of the ‘King Hit’ after numerous instances of this cowardly act, and too many innocent individuals and their family’s lives were destroyed by this horrifying and shameless act of disregard for others. Substance abuse fuelled aggression and unsocial misconduct is becoming a reoccurring issue in this country and a need for change is adamant. Danny Green’s National Tour will invite between 20 – 50 schools comprising of Year 12 Students to undertake an afternoon of informative discussions to ‘Stop The Coward’s Punch’. The campaign has already gained a high level of media recognition and promotions via TV, Cinema, Radio in Venues and Outdoor Advertising. We are proud to have achieved this level of support and ability to nationally de-glorify the term ‘King Hit’ to what is now known as the ‘Coward’s Punch’. Numerous media outlets continue their support and have already requested to be present on the day of the event to further drive awareness. Together with other renowned speakers including the police commissionaire, the family members of victims, neurologist and other special influence guests, we will get through to the next generation We are pushing to ensure the message is continuous and clear and now are working on getting straight in front of the students of our future to create this change in our culture. For more information on these events please contact: info@amwmedia.com.au   

TGE – Technology and Gadget Expo 2016 / 2017

Australia’s Largest Consumer Technology & Gadget Event The Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre will hosted Australia’s first consumer Technology and Gadget Expo on the 25th & 26th June 2016. For decades Australian’s have had to go overseas to experience consumer Gadget expos and events, it wasn’t until 2013 when PAX, a gaming expo, did its first Australian event that we got a taste of what a big tech expo could be like in Australia. Even though it brought 150,000 people through the doors, it was only based to a targeted niche being gamers. Recognising the demand for consumables in various industries, AMW Media Pty Ltd created the first official Australian consumer Gadget Expo, working with the Victorian State Government who support the push for technology development in Australia. The TGE – Technology and Gadget Expo will open for the first time in Melbourne on June 2016. The TGE – Technology and Gadget Expo will provide a highly interactive platform for tech inspired manufacturers, entrepreneurs and retailers to launch and showcase their brand and products right here on Australian soil to thousands of consumers and networks. The TGE – Technology and Gadget Expo will also host some of the World’s leading Technology Celebrity and Experts.  www.tge.melbourne

TGE 2015 Video

TGE 2016 Event Footage

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