am-wicked-7Taxis go where people work, play and stay, providing our Clients with maximum reach and frequency advertising solutions with one format across 80+ locations Australia wide.

Taxis spend the longest time on the road and travel great distances that any other outdoor transit product.

The ability to provide maximum reach and frequency by dominating city centre is an urban hubs Makes taxi advertising a powerful and engaging option.

Taxis are the only outdoor public transport operating 24 hours per day seven days per week.


  • Taxis swarm areas of high people activity to find fares. Popular locations include the CBD, International Airport’s, Commercial Areas and Suburban Hubs
  • Taxis operate 24 hours and 7 days (24/7 Exposure)
  • Over 400km’s travelled every day. That is well over 10 times the distance travelled by an average passenger vehicle!
  • Taxi ads are unavoidable. Viewers cannot switch it off or change a channel
  • Taxi advertising provides a high impact visual reminder of your business and its services
  • Ads are viewed at close proximity by motorists, pedestrians and public transport commuters

“The workaholic nature of taxis allows our customers to reach their message out to thousands of people, 24 hours of the day”