c915e3f4829d44c6ff1e476e7a236e66-w199h217Make your presence felt at the very time people are most interested in buying. AMW Media retail offers you access to over 500+ retail environments. Targeting shoppers in a mindset where they are comfortable, familiar and about to spend is now easy.

AMW Media Retail can deliver on all your marketing objectives and retail proximity requirements. From Supermarkets to Department Stores, Finance to Fashion, we can identify locations to specifically target audiences applicable to your brand.

You can use our extensive range of retail platforms – ShopaLites, DigiLites, Landscape Digital Displays and Retail Large Format to lift awareness, build continuity, advertise new products, make buyers aware of promotions and directly support retailers across a full range of consumer products. The information that these eye-catching displays provides puts shoppers at ease and helps them feel more familiar with the products being advertised.

We have all the tools, expertise and media solutions to help you optimise your audience reach, target specific retailers and amplify beyond the panel.


  • 1.9 billion shopping centre visits each year
  • Shoppers visit on average 2-3 times a week
  • Reach over 60% of all Australians each fortnightly
  • 81% of shoppers intend to make a purchase on each visit
  • Shoppers spend on average 60 minutes in centre per visit
  • They are open to influence with 68% of purchase decisions made in centre
  • 62% of MGBs say they notice advertising signage
  • Retail has the highest recall of all outdoor media

“Shoppers are in a positive mindset, with 73% saying they are happy and 66% open-minded”