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Who Are We

AMW Media manages and collaborates with talent and celebrities including athletes, comedians, performers, business and industry speakers world wide.

Just look at our list of clients and projects – we LOVE what we do and our clients enjoy the process and results of the talent.

We provide with a combined industry experience of nearly 20 years we specialise in negotiating, contracting and facilitating all deals on behalf of the client and talent from enquiry stage to final deliverables.

We ensure a smooth and simple talent booking process, with consistent outstanding reviews!

Our talent provide :

  • Keynotes and Q&A’s for online webinars to physical events
  • MC’ing
  • Training and Motivation
  • Endorsements and Ambassadors
  • Influencers
  • Product launches
  • Music Performances
  • Comedian and Illusionist bookings

The AMW Media family consists of long term rebooking clients and talent who enjoy our style, rely on our expertise and know our network values.

If you’d like to enquiry about representation or bookings, send us a line!
info@amwmedia.com.au | 1300 266 685

Mark Hedger


Aneta Rodgerson


Aneta Rodgerson


Originally from the United Kingdom, on the surface, Mark Hedger is an accomplished talent agent with over 12 years of experience in the entertainment industry.

He is so efficient at his role that he considers herself a “talent portfolio whisperer.” Mark has the ability to take a profile and transform it into a thriving one. Because of his skills, Mark can produce productive and long-lasting results for high-level clients.

More than his role as a talent agent, he is also effective at persuading and influencing high-ranking individuals. His opinions are highly valued, people trust and respect his judgments.

Mark earned a bachelor of Science back in 2001 focusing on archaeology.

Through his course, he developed a passionate interest in maritime archaeology working within various museums until he realised his skills lied within building invaluable relationships.

Mark decided to leave the academic world and pursue a career as a financial trader. He moved from North Qld to Sydney and then to Melbourne pursuing his dream of becoming a stock trader. Within a year Mark was thriving at Sonray Capital Markets within the Institutional trading desk team before being poached to open a new office for a rival firm in the heart of Melbourne CBD.

Here, he managed investments worth millions of dollars while handling the quantitative analysis needs of the clients. Mark also contributed to the development of policies and writing the legislative language to engage top tier clientele to entrust their portfolios. For his most recent 12 year tenure as a talent agent, Mark had successfully negotiated and facilitated many high profile ambassadorships and government relations and has big plans for AMW Media moving forward.

Originally from Vilnius, Lithuania, early years included patience, dedication, perseverance and strong team work to get through the immigration process – new language, new friends,new culture, new networks.

These life lessons allowed Aneta to navigate into various situations in life, taking on all challenges with optimism, knowing impossible meant ‘Im-Possible’ and as a young woman with zero networks – knows how to keep pushing for the best results.

Proudly commencing working from 13 years of age, she worked in sales positions jumping to being a team leader then trainer by 16,again learning invaluable people skills whilst working with others of all ages and walks of life. Suring School holidays she worked and volunteered on major Melbourne theatre productions and public events.

Aneta had a passion for the arts and participated herself in Theater and Film productions. After schooling she completed Media school then furthermore an advanced diploma in Broadcasting for music, theatre, film and television, Aneta then entered the world of Events and Entertainment.

Aneta started from the beginning as a production runner then assistant Co-Ordinator, Coordinator, International Development Producer to Assistance Producer. Working on ABC documentaries to FremantleMedia; reality shows traveling Australia wide, TV drama series’ to International films&nvsp;for 10 years.

Then moved to USA for a period of time working in property and development and returned to Australia opening AMW Media with Mark Hedger in 2011.

Together they have achieved some of the countries largest sponsorships, international talent appearances and created/operated Australia’s largest consumer events “TGE”. Aneta’s blueprint is made up of hard work, loyalty and reputation for both talent and client perspective. Her experience in Media and Sales is unprecedented as well as her network reach internationally. Experience in both being the talent as well as the clients; she understands the importance and values from both perspectives – Her role focuses on promotional reach and deliverables of each talent and project with detailed and transparent agreements and seamless processes.