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AMW never set out to be one of the biggest talent and entertainment agencies when it was established over a decade ago. Now AMW is a widely renowned talent agency representing both Australian and international talent.

Our mission though, was to be regarded as the best at what we do. From company-owned offices near Melbourne CBD and LA, AMW is a family created, owned and managed business that delivers a personalised, dedicated and experienced range of services to a top-tier clientele representing many of the nation’s most foremost personalities and achievers. Whilst specialising in the provision of a core range of services.

AMW一直以来都主导着体育,娱乐,经济和媒体行业中艺人预定和代言。 AMW不仅能够提供定制的管理服务,并且通过整合自身的庞大资源,人脉和经验极力把客户的利益推向最大化。不管是为品牌提供明星/艺人的代言,形象大使,产品发布;还是明星主持和演讲;AMW十年的积累一定不会让您失望!

Speakers & Entertainment booked by AMW

Ambassadors and Influencers booked by AMW

“I am proud to have AMW represent myself personally, and my business interests.

Mark and Aneta have been a pleasure to deal with and leave no stone unturned in sourcing more opportunities for my business to expand, whilst maintaining dignity and respect to both their client and prospective opportunities.

They are passionate about the tasks they undertake, showing great enthusiasm and professionalism. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Danny Green

4 x World IFB Boxing Champion

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