capture2-w301h172Reach your target audience quickly and encourage them to respond immediately.

Free TV and Radio deliver the highest daily and weekly reach of any medium in Australia.

In fact, 14.1 million Australians tune into commercial free to air television on average every day, Making it ideal for launching new products and services, Or driving a sales event.

The reality is that all TV stations and Radio networks will tell you why they are the best advertiser for your business. Every network has a great sales pitch with lots of facts and figures about why they are the best suited to your advertising campaign. And for you as the business owner or decision maker, it’s almost impossible to sort through the details and decide which network is really the right one for your business and target market.

At AMW Media we are completely independent and not tied to any one particular television or radion station.. We can help you work out the right station with the right campaign for your business.


  • Low to high budget TV and Radio bookings and production
  • Script & copywriting for television advertising
  • Script & copywriting for radio advertising
  • Television and Radio voice-overs
  • Statistics, research and strategic marketing to complete your buying package.
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