am-wicked-metro-w300h193Internal Transit advertising is an integral part of the media landscape in the world’s greatest cities. London, Paris, Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo or utilise the internal space of the carriages to effectively drive revenue.

Passenger numbers have grown significantly as commuters turned to more economically viable and environmentally friendly way to get to and from work sporting and leisure events.

Across Australia a significant number of journeys to the CBD I taken by public transport. These commuters are in the higher quantities, bigger spenders and better educated travellers in a Captive enviroment with time on their hands.

Looking at advertising and going online are the two top activities people engage in with in the rail environment.

Both the behaviours and able advertises to capitalise on today’s connected consumer and drive traffic online for more information
Interior advertising offers a highly targeted way to reach the elusive Next Gen and Gen Y audiences, which represent over one third of the transit audience.


  • Launch a brand and build awareness
  • Billboards make a small business feel established
  • Create a BIG impact and reach a mass audience
  • 73% of Travellers find websites on Billboards the most useful information
  • 81% of Drivers notice Billboards on Key arterials and major motorways.

“11.2 million people commute by train Monday – Friday across VIC – NSW – WA”