Jayde Taylor | Driven By Beauty

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Jayde Taylor | Driven By Beauty

Jayde Taylor | Driven By Beauty

Specialty Area
Skinfluencer | Professional

Presenter Type
Influencer | Medical

Speaker Topics
Social Media | Medical Professional | Correspondent

Fee Range
On Application

Jayde Taylor’s dedication to skincare runs deeper than the surface. With over a decade of industry expertise, she is known for her compassion and knowledge as a leading dermal clinician. Jayde extends her influence by supervising dermal graduates at Victoria University, sharing her extensive skills and insights.

Her professional motto, “treat patients as she would like to be treated,” underscores her warm, personable approach to client care, combined with a deep understanding and enthusiasm for educating clients on skincare and ingredients in an engaging manner. Jayde’s passion for skincare transcends clinical settings; she is also a prominent social media star, where she shares expert tips and insights with a global audience.

As a sought-after skincare influencer, Jayde frequently appears on major networks, further establishing herself as a trusted authority in the field.