Lisa Oldfield

Lisa Oldfield

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Digital Disruptor | Technology Advocate | Assisted Reproductive Technology Lobbyist | Equal Employment Opportunity Advocate | Technology Trade Advisor

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Speaker Topics
After Dinner | Keynote | Master of Ceremonies | Host

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On Application

Lisa Oldfield is Director of Business Development at Australian Egg Bank. Lisa and her team are responsible for the education, on-boarding and on-going care of corporations who elect to offer their employees fertility preservation treatment. Egg donation and preventative egg freezing are subjects close to Lisa’s heart, having donated her eggs to a close family friend who were faced with infertility. Lisa’s donation resulted in the birth of a healthy baby boy for this couple.

Lisa has extensive experience in the corporate sector having being responsible for a number of tech start-ups, forming a beachhead for international companies entering the Asia Pacific market and brokering the acquisition of a number of established companies.


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