Lanard Copeland

Lanard Copeland

Lanard Copeland

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Sports Legend | Basketball Trainer | Team Building Programs | Motivation

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Basketball Player

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Motivation | Basketball | Enhancing Self Abilities | Self Awareness & Confidence | Team Conduct & Building | Inspiration

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Lanard Copeland has been portrayed as one of the best Basketball imports from the USA to ever play in the National Basketball League (NBL). After a two year career in the NBA, Copeland finally found his stability to Basketball in Australia; where he went on to win two championships with the Melbourne Tigers. One of the highest profile athletes of Basketball, Copeland’s humorous, amiable personality off the court counter acts the vicious rim rattling player we all remember. His high-flying jumping ability gave him instant fame as he brought about a new style of Basketball that Australia had not yet seen.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, from a young age Lanard struggled to put a Basketball down from the moment he was introduced to the game. After missing out on making his High School team he was told to give up Basketball and focus on something different. Lanard’s perseverance and determination did not go unnoticed. He trained harder than ever and two years later was awarded a scholarship to play for Georgia State University. From there he reached stardom and went on to play for the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA, numerous teams in Europe and Asia before arriving in Australia.

Lanard is highly respected in the community for his willingness to engage and teach younger children the game of Basketball in order to develop the next generation of great players for the game. Along with his no quit attitude, Lanard has been instrumental in furthering the skills of young prospering Australian Basketball players.

Currently, Lanard has been involved with an expanding Basketball academy that prepares young players for the road ahead. Having successfully trained many players and having helped them obtain a college scholarship to play in the USA, Lanard’s success is now branching down to the professional players of tomorrow.

Lanard’s compelling story is one of conquest, desolation and hard work. He has missed more shots than he has made but he has not once ever given up. His accomplishments are the true personification of the dedication needed that anyone who is willing to succeed should look up to.

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