Eric Bailey

Eric Bailey

Eric Bailey

Specialty Area
Sales Legend | Sport

Presenter Type
Basketball | Training

Speaker Topics
After Dinner | Sales | Motivation | Inspirational | Training

Fee Range
On Application

For the past 20 plus years, Eric Bailey has motivated, inspired, and empowered over 3 million people in 12 countries around the world. Some of the top global companies, schools and organisations have turned to Eric for his passion, experience and knowledge.

When Eric Bailey’s towering 198cm frame steps onto the stage, he gives his audiences more than just a presentation; he connects with them on an intense emotional level. Clearly, he is a powerful force both physically and motivationally. Eric customises all his presentations for the group, to whom he is speaking. He immerses himself in his audience’s culture. A motivational speaker with a difference. Using positive energy and wit, he fills the room with an excitement that can be felt immediately and never fades during the course of a presentation. His inspirational stories, along with actionable takeaways, make a real difference. Eric has the ability to touch everyone in the room with his openness, authenticity, and passion. If you require a Keynote speaker or a emotion filled Inspirational speaker you don’t need to look any further.

Eric has the unique skill to capture the audience’s attention in the first few moments of his presentation and holds that attention for the duration of the event. This is integral to making certain that the core message really hits home for the audience. There will be no point in the presentation wherein the audience is distracted, bored or lacking in enthusiasm. Eric is always absolutely certain that participants feel that he is speaking directly to them…in their language…addressing their issues…and offering nearly customised solutions to their individual concern. Some participants quickly feel as though Eric is speaking only to them and that the balance of the audience somehow fades away in what feels like an inspiring one-on-one session designed just for them. By doing this, individuals will leave Eric Bailey’s presentations feeling as though he spoke specifically to them and will take all of his key messages to heart.

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