Kev, Dorian and Teng

Kev, Dorian and Teng

Kev, Dorian and Teng

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Television and radio presenter

Kev, Dorz and Teng, Eat, Play and Love style that dates all the way back to 2017 when they were just a bunch of awkward early 20-somethings who met working at Target.

They instantly found love in a hopeless place by connecting through shared love of high cholesterol takeaway foods, video games, movies and having a good time.

One night at there local kebab store in 2017 they came across an online ad promoting “free travel”. They sent in an audition video for a laugh and expecting to never hear back, yet low and behold they heard back! and for the last seven years they have found themselves conjoined at the hip adventuring across the world.

Kevvy is the eldest of the group hence making him the most mature (it’s a stretch) adult/mother like figure of the bunch. Kev is very loud and not afraid to speak his mind, he’s the kind of guy that has a clever comeback for anything thrown at him. Kev is of Chinese heritage, he enjoys poking fun at Asian stereotypes and feels he’s a disappointment to his parents despite his ongoing success. Kev is currently as a Camera assistant/operator in the TV industry. Kev is also a type 1 diabetic, he can’t swim and he is terrified of spiders, none of which have proven to be obstacles to him when it’s come to performing high octane adrenaline activities over the years and embracing his sense of adventure.

Dorian is the youngest of the group and sometimes feels that he is an honorary Asian due to his love of Asian cuisine, culture and friendship with the boys; all contributing factors to him sometimes feeling like he’s Teng and Kevs adopted son. Dorz is a little naive and probably trusts in the kindness of strangers a little too much. Dorz is a Greek mummas boy, factors making him a little more sensitive than the boys but also giving him somewhat of a people pleasing gene/complex. He’s everything that’s in between Teng and Kev, outright saying no to terrifying high adrenaline activitys outside his comfort zone but still loving a good time.

Teng! where do we start with Teng. Teng is a can of redbull that’s been shaken to eternity and back. As much as we hate to admit it (this was written by Dorz and Kev), he’s a happy go lucky stud of a human, the ladies want to be with him and the lads want to party and lift weights with him. The man is an impulsive life of every party who embraces a “don’t think, just jump” sort of attitude in life. Whether it be getting large snakes (which terrify him) and butterfly tattoos across his chest, booking a flight to an unknown country or even investing in a miscellaneous foreign banana shampoo brand, Teng will do it all at the drop of a hat.