Jason Semple

Jason Semple

Jason Semple

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Military | Training | Presenting | Government | Consulting

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Military | Police

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Leadership, Operations, Team Building

Tactical operator/ sniper in Special Operations Groups for over 17 years. Jason has a significant operational and training background with a large emphasis on tactical operations.

Jason has managed operational sniper teams both in Australia and overseas, and assisted in the creation and development of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) Marksman Reconnaissance Team (MRT) in 2007.

Possessing a significant background in Police Tactical Groups and also providing specialised Counter Terrorism expertise as both a CT Sniper, Counter Sniper, Counter Assault Team member, Counter Terrorism Tactical Team member and PSD member for both Australian Government Officials and Foreign Dignitaries including but not restricted to;

United States Heads of state and POTUS (multiple)
European Heads of States
English Royal Family (multiple)
Somalia, Presidential Guard, Mogadishu 2013
Asia Pacific Economic Countries Forum (APEC)
Sydney Olympic Games Counter Terrorist Operation 2000
Melbourne Commonwealth Games Counter Terrorist Operation 2006
IRAQ 2006-2007
Afghanistan 2012
UAE Presidential Guard

These operations required a significant level of planning, training and liaison with multiple jurisdictions and foreign security providers.

Jason is an expert in relation to CT sniper/ long-range sniping/ field sniping/ aerial sniping/ counter sniper operations with the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

Having designed and directed basic and advanced sniper courses for the AFP with emphasis on all facets of modern sniping and DDM/ Counter Sniping principles. There is a significant emphasis on scenario based sniper training, which employs the entire skill range within a realistic model for realistic operational responses.

Jason posseses sigificant operational and training experience iand tactical skills including combat weapons systems, Counter Terrorist Operations, Close Quarter Tactics, Explosive Breaching and associated skills. He was a member of the Sydney Olympics and Melbourne Commonwealth Games Counter Terrorist Tactical Teams.

His passionate interest in training and enjoy the transfer of information and skills to those under his  tuition. He has delivered specialized training to both Australian and international tactical groups in such places as Iraq, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Solomon Islands, Somalia, East Timor and the UAE.

Currently the Co-Owner of Advanced Accuracy Solutions LLC, specializing in development of weapons support systems, Ballistic shield support and advanced sniper/shooting programs.


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