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Dilvin Yasa

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People like Dilvin Yasa aren’t meant to become successful.

Born into what she calls a ‘bogan wog’ family in Sydney’s western suburbs, her childhood was spent racing after her pet dingo in the housing commission estate she called home. Her parents told her she could become anything she put her mind to; editors she met with insisted otherwise ‘politely’ suggesting a name change and a PO Box for her CV rather than her actual address. One infamous fashion magazine editor took a quick glance at her CV and simply pointed at the door. “Please leave. NOW.”

Dilvin Yasa did better than that. Accepting an editorial assistant role in ACP Magazines’ (now Bauer Media) Men’s Lifestyle division – a role Dilvin diplomatically describes as ‘character-building’, she worked her way up through the media landscape, landing writing positions in food magazines such as Australian Table before taking on the role of features director across the Cosmopolitan Brand Extension titles.

A book deal with Pan Macmillan followed and her first book, Things My Daughter Needs to Know, was published in 2012, followed by Good Enough: Confessions of a Less-Than-Perfect Mum in 2014. Much like The Beatles had their productive LSD period, Dilvin Yasa insists this is the time she had her ‘Oh My God, I have a mortgage and kids now so I’d better do more of everything’ period. She gave birth to her daughters in 2009 and 2013 respectively – the former the year she started a successful online maternity company, Bebek Maternity, the latter the same year Dilvin created and launched a stand-alone magazine, The Ultimate Guide to Divorce, in conjunction with The Australian Women’s Weekly.  Dilvin Yasa went freelance in 2013 when she was made redundant during her 37th week of pregnancy and she still swears it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

As a freelance journalist, Dilvin’s travelled to some of the most remote corners of the globe, from the refugee camps of Uganda to ice trekking in Antarctica (fun fact: only 0.03 per cent of the population will ever set foot on the continent) and her articles have been published in newspapers, magazines and websites across the globe, from Denmark and Turkey to the UAE and the UK. In Australia, her work can often be found in News Corp’s Escape, where she has a weekly column, Fairfax’s Sunday Life, 9Honey and across most of the glossies (including in-flight magazines).

First appearing on television to promote her first book back in 2012, Dilvin has been making regular appearances ever since, often being called in to appear on panels for shows such as Mornings, The Morning Show, Today, The Daily Edition and Sky News Business Class. Her first TV show, Global Roaming, is currently airing on Channel Nine. The travel show is co-hosted by Getaway presenter David Whitehill and by all accounts it’s exactly as the show’s executive producer put it during filming: “David brings the good looks and charm and Dilvin’s just… this dark horse.” Worth a look.

Currently working on books three and four concurrently as well as her regular freelance journalism, Dilvin is open to exploring further opportunities in the world of television as well as contributing to panels, speaking at events and providing MC duties for those who prefer a dark horse over ‘garden variety’ any day of the week. She is passionate about issues surrounding modern motherhood – particularly the topic of work/life balance, career after babies, and the importance of retaining identity away from the family. She is just as fervent about ethnic diversity in Australian media (or lack thereof), the plight of refugees (a long time supporter of UNHCR, Dilvin volunteered with her family at a local detention centre until it closed), and encouraging those from disadvantaged backgrounds to reach far beyond their current circumstances.

In her spare time, Dilvin enjoys subjecting her family to tragic 80s music, reading and arguing with her husband over what they each believe is the perfect individual serve of pasta (the correct answer is half a pack, any pack). Although she has been a resident of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs for over 20 years, she still dreams of one day having another pet dingo.



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