Corey “Homicide” Williams

Corey “Homicide” Williams

Corey “Homicide” Williams

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Sports | Basketball | Branding | Media

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Basketball | Basketball Player | Television and radio presenter

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If you search the word streetball on Wikipedia and scroll down to famous streetballers, the first name that appears on the list is Corey “Homicide” Williams. Call it a coincidence if you will, but there’s no question that Williams has used the game he loves to accomplish goals like no other asphalt legend before him. And that’s why he reigns supreme.

Corey ‘Homicide’ Williams has followed his decorated playing career by becoming one of Australia’s top broadcasters and sporting personalities. The 2010 National Basketball League MVP has transitioned superbly from the court to the media, bringing his unique mix of personality, passion and insight to his role as the NBL’s headline commentator.

Since 2016, Williams has played a key role in promoting the NBL – one of the world’s top pro basketball leagues – to its current status as the fastest growing player in Australia’s competitive sporting landscape.

His energy, expertise and charisma, coupled with a willingness to offer hard-hitting opinions, has quickly elevated him to the top of the sports media game. Williams is an engaging expert commentator, an insightful analyst, a tireless promoter of basketball and the NBL and has benefited numerous organisations in his role as an effective brand ambassador.