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Without wishing to  brag,  Maz  Farrelly  has  made  the  biggest  shows  in  the  world  with  the  biggest  budgets  and  the  biggest  ratings  including  The  X-Factor,  Big  Brother,  Farmer  Wants  a  Wife, The  Celebrity  Apprentice  and  she  also  wrote  Q&A  for  the  ABC.  If you’ve watched it, she probably made it.  Maz  has  pitched,  and  been  pitched  to,  over  10  000  times  and  has  run  large  teams  as Director Of Television Content at Fremantle  Media  Australia,  Executive Editor of Format Entertainment at BBC  UK  and Creative Strategist  for  BBC  WorldWide.  She has successfully managed budgets in excess of a quarter of a billion dollars, doubling  both  sales  and  ratings  and  the  secret  to  her  success,  is  in  her  skilled  messaging. In her career Maz has  constantly  seen  how  bad research, development and most significantly, bad pitching, kills great and important ideas.

To combat this, she has taken  a  hiatus  from creating  screen  content  and  developed  a  series  of  business  masterclasses  to  help  companies effectively  navigate  the  sales  market.  This includes everything from developing, branding, and selling your  idea.  Maz shows your business the value of the first minute, selling not  only  your  idea  but  you  as  well. Recently Maz  appeared  on  an  episode  of  the  Mentor  with  Mark  Bouris,  where  he  called  her  new business  “a  unique  and  important service  that  corporates  desperately  need!” Often referred  to  as  a  highlight  in  the  world  of  Black  Pen,  Maz  can  help  you  turn  sales  pitches  into  dollar sales.


Alison is a trained journalist and was the youngest ever Foreign News Editor at ITN in London, who now specialises in high end, blue chip documentaries, the sort that change government policy and start national conversations.

She made the Logie winning ‘Choir of Hard Knocks’ for the ABC which changed government policy on homelessness and has recently completed a Churchill Fellowship which researched how the impact of engaging and accessible documentaries can bring about social change.

She created and developed two series of ‘Changing Minds’ for the ABC, the first Australian series where television cameras were allowed into locked mental health wards. The series were AACTA and WALKLEY award nominated and described by the Sydney Morning Herald as ‘one of the most important programs in the history of Australian television’. 

Alison is a member of the Australian International Documentary Conference advisory committee, is an external assessor for Screen Queensland and sits on many industry panels. Along with Maz, Alison runs hugely successful industry workshops on pitching and development.

BLACK AND FARRELLY are not corporate.  They offer a fresh new approach to training – Trojan Horse Training – because they believe that when you’re laughing you’re learning.  They specialise in what they call STICKY INFORMATION, information that cuts through and sticks in the brain.  Oh, and it’s laugh out loud.


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